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The coursette is to tight.

only around the waist

7ïB3Rıë_±ë_3x_ ïNƒ3RNº
4 August
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HÄlƒ dæd i Äm §tïll dæd
accidents/coincidences, acting, ambience, ambient music, amusing myself, answering myself, art, beauty, biological clocks, biology, bjork, bodily fluids, bodily functions, bracelets, breath on the window, broken mirrors, burning eyes, chains, chasing birds, christianity, church, cocoons, coffins, concerts, crimson cesspools, curiosity, cutting, dead poets society, depression, drawing, dreams, ducktape, elements, emotional lead decisions, empty graves, ennui, etching, evangangalizing, expressions, facial expressions, falling, fan blades, flourescent lights, forgotten lives, gallows, god, guitar, hate, incoherent ramblings, independent films, insecurity, insomia, intestines, invader zim, ironic coincidences, livers, living sacrafices, losing myself, lost souls, love, mangled body parts, manic depression, measuring time, memories, mental aspects of people, montey python, music, nail polish, nature, neglect, neo-expressionistic paintings and/or poems, newspaper clippings, night terrors, oblong shapes, obsession, openmindedness, over-analyzation, parables, patience, people, pestimic thoughts, pi, pictures, pills, pits, playing chess, poems, psychological profiling, random strips of color, razors, reading my bible, ribbons, roadkill diaries, self-analyzation, self-destructive everything, self-inflictions, serial killers, showing others the truth, sketch comedy, sleep apnea, slitted numbers, slivers, snow, snowboarding, soft fragrances, spikes, spontaneous unorganized fun, staring at the insides, suicide, sweet violence, talking to myself, teenage angst, thesauraus, torment, torneyes, tourture devices, trances, tranquility in the forest, tunnels, undetermined fate, untouched feelings, unusual noises, vertigo, vintage clothing, waiting, wallowing in self pity